Stopping mother’s oral microbes may be the key to dental health of the child. “At the University of Alabama, Dr. Page Caufield

and his team are following the children of 500

women who carry very harmful strains of

Streptococcus mutans, the bacteria that cause

cavities. Half the women had their teeth treated

with an antiseptic and varnished during their

children’s “window of infectivity,” when about

80 percent of babies pick up S. mutans from their

mothers. This is at about two years of age, when

the babies’ back teeth grow in. If these 250

children grow up free of the S. mutans strains

that have plagued their mothers’ teeth, dentists

will have a powerful new tool.”


“Me in me best Whistle and Titfer and me new Daisy’s, and her in her best bib and tucker with her new Tile. It’s a long Frog but we’d do it O.K. on Shank’s Pony. That’s if our Plates last out. Probably see a couple of me Chinas there with the Arrows and a Pig or two.” Cockney Rhyming Slang Dictionary


After lobbying for years, Palestinians have been given their own top-level internet domain. ” The addition of the .ps domain to the list of 244 so-called

country code designations signals the first time the Internet’s

new international coordinating authority, the Internet

Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, has granted a

new domain since it was selected in late 1998 to administer

the network’s domain name system.” [New York Times]