Special issue of Feed on The New Brain: “At the end of our century, the science of the

brain has opened up a new frontier of understanding about how

our minds shape the self and the cultures we’ve built to house

it. Neuroscience research into human behavior and experience

is diverse and prone to unproven speculation, but even at this

early stage, a handful of broad conclusions seem unavoidable.”


[Salon]:The inner Doughboy. ‘Some onlookers are muttering that

the guardians of the brand icons have become so enraptured

by these happy little beings that they’ve lost their grip on

reality. “There are whole documents on what these characters

will and won’t do,” complains Court Crandall, creative

director at Ground Zero, a Santa Monica, Calif., advertising

agency. “The documents go into the thousands of pages …

Meanwhile, no one ever stops to consider whether the

character even feels worth a damn in the first place. There’s a

fine line between being a good brand custodian and being

certifiably insane.”‘