Eliot Gelwan

60-something clinical psychiatrist and unrepentant counter-culturalist and contrarian. Married, father of Ana Rose and Noah, living in Brookline MA USA

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

George Bernard Shaw (1856 – 1950), Man and Superman (1903)

a-gelwan: To stupefy, astonish; stupefacere, consternare: ‘-Ðá wearþ ic agelwed’, ‘then I was astonished’, Bt. 34, 5; Fox 140, 9.”
–Bosworth and Toller, Online Anglo-Saxon Dictionary

Googlism (“eliot”):

a 5
a civilized man
a foreigner whom another culture has taken over
a good bloke
a little more impulsive than his real
a long
a master of the mind
a multi
a name that refers to an individual human being who can be anyone
a nonprofit enrichment program which includes before and after school activities for kids on
a philosophical poet concerned with abstract universals
a spectacular addition to the beinecke’s extensive holdings in the area of modernism
a very cerebral and weighty social critic drawing upon tome after tome of literature
active in various trade organizations promoting the asian american perspective
always conscious of his own efforts
an interactive animation environment developed at the department of computer science at the university of helsinki
approximately 3112
as accurate and complete as possible
as famous as you
awaiting the repair of his vehicle
being not entirely serious
best known for his bleak
best remembered for his formulation of the “objective correlative
called to the scene of a murder in blackheath
comprising a response to the limey brit’s volley in our lively game of photoshop tennis
easy to fault
excited about our “vision for the future” which includes the development of superior academic programs for students while inviting an ever widening
famous for his free verse poetry
firmly a part of the realistic tradition
infact incredibly well known throughout literature especially for critical pieces on literature
interested in what kind of death in the waste land?
likable and intelligent
more than just an artifact; it is something that we have inherited from the history of the university
most famous for his groundbreaking poem
not agatha christie
not quite an american poet
noted for an
propositioned by another hot chickie
proud to offer special rates on these special packages
saying that love cannot be expressed amidst appearances
saying we are all alike underneath
sent to?
sitting there twenty or so years later
so intentionally
so much like prufrock that he has to distance himself from his creation
speaking for his entire culture
still flourishing
the one in front
the smallest conference and has been almost entirely adults
thyroid clear
to a biographer who
to english literature
trying to convey the fact that he is reduced to being talked about over tea
unrelated to the author george eliot
untouchable; he is modern literature incarnate and an institution unto himself
using”aesthetic” here in a kantian sense
very different than he was as a baby
widely regarded as a great poet and equally great critic

13 thoughts on “Eliot Gelwan

  1. Hi Eliot. Just wanted to express appreciation. I’ve subscribed to your blog since living in Brookline and it remains one of the best pointers to interesting off-beat articles that I’ve come across. Thanks!


  2. Thank you for your delightful blog. I’m afraid my own blog is one of those who’s quality you decry as being uncreative but that’s okay: its just the edited blogroll I’d intended, and it has it’s value in that it keeps me sane in an existentially mundane (http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/08893670701394416) environment. It’s a long story; better for some other time. For now; thank you again.

    By the way, I’m a retired psychotherapist from LA, a stroke-survivor living is assisted care with my wife who’s experiencing dementia. My mind saving blog is at http://www.LeagueOfGrey.wordpress.com. Stop by and say hello.



    1. Oh; the whales of New York harbor. My father took me to see one in about 1950. But it was dead. Maybe that explains my life-long sense of gallows humor. “Whadda think, Doc”, he asked, wondering about hidden meanings.


  3. Eliot,
    Happy 20th birthday to FmH, from here in France (used to live in the SF Bay Area). Thank you for so many interesting and thoughtful posts, and for “being there” during dark days like the Bush years, and now during the Shitler years. May you have many more birthdays.


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