`Wonderland’: Wrung Out, Strung Out in Bedlam: my profession, with its chaos uncensored, debuts on television tonight. “Because the patients in “Wonderland” are psychiatric cases,

the series has a surreal aura, sparing and effectively used.

Here a patient behind barred windows looks down at his

slippers and sees a tiny rhino step around them. Because

these shots from the patient’s perspective are rare,

watching the show is not like existing in some mad state of

mind. The effect is more jolting, as if the sanity of the

doctors and the illness of the patients were present in the

air, at times colliding with a physical force.

What saves the series from total bleakness is the shaky order

the doctors impose. They are played by a spectacular cast.” [New York Times] Update: I’m hooked.



The Supreme Court upheld a ban on nude dancing. The

court ruled 6-3 that an Erie, Pa., law banning public nudity,

including that of nightclub dancers, does not violate the

First Amendment. Requiring pasties and G-strings “leaves

ample capacity to convey the dancer’s erotic message.”

Justice O’Connor’s majority spin: “Being ‘in a state of

nudity’ is not an inherently expressive condition.” Justice

Scalia and Justice Thomas’ concurrent spin: What’s more, a

community should be able to declare public nudity



”Potter” planted: Chris Columbus (Home Alone, Mrs. Doubtfire, Bicentennial Man) selected by Warner Bros. to direct screen adaptation of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, the first installment of an anticipated long-running and lucrative “Potter” franchise.