Workers must wear genital-matching clothes or face termination, says Texas AG commissioner

Annals of the New Fascism (cont’d.):

‘The Texas Department of Agriculture announced two new dress codes for its employees — one for those born with a penis and the other for those born with a vagina.


The “Dress code and grooming policy,” according to the bizarre memorandum sent out Friday by the department’s genital-obsessed commissioner Sid Miller, states that “Employees are expected to comply with this dress code in a manner consistent with their biological gender.”


So, for instance, if a penis owner puts on something, say, even a necklace, that the DoA style police deem “feminine,” they will be “subject to corrective action” and “asked to leave the premises to change their clothing.” Same goes for vagina owners, who, theoretically, could be banished from the premises if caught wearing a pair of pants that the anti-freedoms commission deem “masculine.” …’

— via Boing Boing

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