Teller, of Penn and Teller, writes of his discovery of the biennial Gardner Gathering, where

mathematicians, puzzle lovers, Carrollians, and magicians have gathered

from all over the world for a three-day conference to celebrate the fascinations they share.


A fascinating argument in Lingua Franca that most eponyms are misattributions!

‘Given that “eponyms are only awarded after long time lags or at great distances, and then only by

active (and frequently not historically well informed) scientists with more interest in recognizing

general merit than an isolated achievement,” Stigler concludes, “it should not then come as a

surprise that most eponyms are inaccurately assigned, and it is even possible (as I have boldly

claimed) that all widely accepted eponyms are, strictly speaking, wrong.”‘


Salon pans Clean Living, the new pseudo-anti-commercialism magazine from Time, Inc. ‘It’s like the old farmer’s adage about breakfast and the difference between

involvement and commitment, the kind of thing you’ll hear out in Nebraska.

“The hen was involved,” the farmer says, “but the pig was committed.”‘