Stalking Site: Slick or Sick? “His identity isn’t known, but he says he became infatuated with a young woman named Julie when she rented a movie in the Los Angeles video store where he works. He looked up her address on her video account, broke into her apartment, where she lives alone, and installed a voyeur cam in her bedroom that streams video directly to his website, ForTheLoveofJulie.com.” But it’s apparently not what it seems…



“Death Row IV lists all 3,392 death row inmates, including more

than 1,000 vignettes and photos. Here is a sampling of Death

Row’s vignettes.”


[New York Times]: South Africa in a Furor Over Advice About AIDS

“President Thabo Mbeki’s

decision to seek advice from two Americans who argue

that H.I.V. does not cause AIDS has touched off an outcry at

home and abroad and raised fears that South Africa’s already

soaring infection rate will climb still further.”


Criminal Probe in Alaska Airlines Flight 261 Crash: an inquiry into the falsification of maintenance records at Alaska Airlines’ Oakland CA facility predated the disaster by more than a year. If safety were more important than profit, it would seem that publicizing substantial suspicions that an airline is lying about factors relevant to the airworthiness of its aircraft would be crucial!


$99 Netpliance I-opener Internet appliances sold out nationwide after an electronics engineer in

Las Vegas figured out

how to tweak the $99

terminal for an additional $100 so that it

works like a fancy PC.