Chrissie Hynde and three others were arrested for protesting in the window of a Gap clothing

store against what she said was the clothing chain’s use of leather from cows slaughtered in India, where cattle are

sacred. Despite the company’s claims that the “Made in India” labels in its leather jackets did not mean that the leather originates in India, Hynde stated “India does not import leather, and it is the largest exporter of leather in the world….So it seems highly unlikely that the Gap buys its leather from America, where the slaughterhouse practices are considered humane

and legal, and send the leather to India, stitch up the jacket and send it back to America.”

PETA director Dan Mathews said Gap was buying its leather ”from a black market … where it’s illegal to kill cows. And they have

assumed no responsibility.”


Clues to sleep disorders may lie in the flies: Recent research by Dr. Giulio Tononi and colleagues at The Neurosciences Institute in San Diego suggests that flies must rest to perform their biological functions, like higher animals. The rest periods of flies share important attributes with mammalian (and human) sleep. This finding provides ‘…“the opportunity to employ fly genetics to figure out the function of sleep and

to develop new, safe drugs for improving sleep as well as vigilance,” Tononi explained.

The fruit fly apparently “shares a sophisticated brain function with us,” Tononi said. “However, the

difference between what goes on in the brain of a fly and a human when they are asleep, is probably as

large as the difference between what they think when they are awake,” he added wryly.’


Unheeded warnings: Predictions by a climatologist from the University of Zululand in South Africa of floods in Mozambique were ignored. Flood damage could have been reduced if dam managers in the region had begun to empty their reservoirs sooner.