No, Bush was not right about Iraq

How conservatives misread new Times bombshell: ‘The right says a new NY Times report on chemical weapons in Iraq vindicates Bush. Even Team Bush disagrees!’ (Via

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‘One thing is clear: the foreign armies that the U.S. invests so much money, time, and effort in training and equipping don’t act as if America’s enemies are their enemies. Contrary to the behavior predicted by Donald Rumsfeld, when the U.S. removes those “training wheels” from its client militaries, they pedal furiously when they pedal at all in directions wholly unexpected by, and often undesirable to, their American paymasters. And if that’s not a clear sign of the failure of U.S. foreign policy, I don’t know what is.’ (Via

Research shows the rats of NYC are infected with at least 18 new viruses

Research shows the rats of NYC are infected with at least 18 new viruses

Via io9: ‘To work out what kind of diseases the rats of NYC were carrying, the scientists trapped 133 rats at five sites around the city, focussing on those inside residential buildings in particular, for obvious disease-spreading reasons.They then used molecular testing to look for known bacterial pathogens and viruses in the rats’ tissue and excretions.

They found that 15 of the 20 bacterial pathogens they were testing for were present in the rats, as well as one virus, Seoul hantavirus, which causes Ebola-like heamorrhagic fever in humans. This is the first time the virus has been documented in New York City, and the genetic clues in the rats suggest it’s a new arrival.

Perhaps even more interestingly and worryingly, the researchers also found 18 completely new viruses in the rats. None of these have been seen in humans as yet, but the scientists say that transmission is possible.’


Second Nurse with Ebola Flew on Commercial Flight with Fever

A Second Nurse and Second Guesses on Ebola - The Atlantic

Via The Atlantic: ‘The CDC is contacting all 132 passengers who were onboard the Frontier Airlines flight from Cleveland to Dallas on Monday along with a nurse who treated Thomas Eric Duncan before he became the first person to die of Ebola in the U.S. CDC director Dr. Thomas Frieden bluntly told reporters on Wednesday that the nurse “should not have traveled” on the plane because she was one of dozens who were being monitored for exposure to the deadly disease.

…Frieden said all health workers who came in contact with Duncan, who died October 8, would now be restricted from traveling commercially. Still, he said that because the second nurse did not exhibit symptoms on the flight from Cleveland, the risk to other passengers remains “extremely low.” The passengers are being contacted, he said, as “an extra margin of safety.”

Any passengers on Flight 1143, which landed at Dallas-Fort Worth at 8:16 p.m. Central, should call 1-800-CDC-INFO. Frontier Airlines released a statement saying the plane had been cleaned twice before resuming its service.’

The History of the Scary Clown

Via The Atlantic: ‘How, exactly, did clowns go from lovable children’s entertainers to the bewigged, bone-chilling incarnation of evil? The answer is complicated, and spans a period of almost 200 years…’


Behold, Every Horror Movie on TV This October

Via The Atlantic: ‘October is the most wonderful time of the year for horror fans. TV networks pack their schedules with scares, allowing viewers to create their own horror marathon out of hundreds of different combinations. Below, I’ve put together a calendar of all 300+ horror films set to air on cable for the month—and looking at the list, it’s clear how incredibly versatile the definition of “horror” can be.’

The Scary Truth: Horror Films (Alarmingly) Based on True Stories

Via The Atlantic: ‘These ten horror movies are all inspired by real events—unfortunately.’

Why Do Some Brains Enjoy Fear?

Via The Atlantic: ‘The science behind the appeal of haunted houses, freak shows, and physical thrills.’