Your Microbes Get Jetlag Too

Via IFLScience:  ‘Flying across time zones throws your biological activities out of sync with the time of day. Turns out, your gut microbes have circadian clocks too, and when their daily rhythms are disrupted, that might lead to obesity and metabolic problems for you. These findings are published in Cell this week. ‘


Which Religions Would Have The Hardest Time Accepting Alien Life?

Via io9:

‘At Scientific American, Clara Moskowitz has the transcript from a recent interview with [astronomer David] Weintraub, in which they discuss the implications of extraterrestrial life on humanity’s assorted religious sensibilities. Here’s Weintraub on the difficulties that could be faced by religions that see humans as “the sole focus of Gods attention”:

The religions that see the world through that viewpoint tend to be some of the Christian evangelicals. The Eastern Orthodox Church, a branch of Catholicism, also has that view.There are some people who claim that if God had created extraterrestrials, then there clearly would be words in the Old and New testaments, which we would have already found, that would have said explicitly that God created extraterrestrials—and since those words don’t exist, there can’t be. Well, theres nothing in the Old and New testaments that talks about telephones either, and telephones do seem to exist.

As for which religions would accept the existence of alien life most readily, Weintraub points to the expansive cosmological scope of Buddhism as an indication that practitioners of that belief system “wouldnt be surprised to find life existing in other places.” Mormonism, too, he says, is “pretty interesting”:

There is a clear belief in Mormonism in extraterrestrial life. All Mormons have as a goal to become exalted, to become a god. To become a god you effectively get your own planet with your own creatures on it and youll take good care of them. The only place in the universe where you have the opportunity to become exalted is Earth. Those Mormons that receive the highest level of exaltation will be equals with God and have their own worlds, occupied with living beings seeking their own salvation and immortality. The prophet Joseph Smith taught that these worlds are or will be inhabited by sentient beings. It is everywhere taken for granted. They’re not vague at all. There’s no doubt that the Mormons are comfortable about the idea that there are others on other worlds. They’d be unhappy if we didnt find anybody. But they’d just say we haven’t looked hard enough.

The interview is definitely worth reading in its entirety for the section on whether Jesus saved the Klingons as well as humanity, alone, so check it out over at SciAm. See also the closely related, but very different, question of what effect the discovery of alien life would have on society’s deism.’


Are Tornadoes Starting To Move In Swarms?

Via io9: ‘A new study looking at the last 59 years of tornadoes in the United States reveals something surprising: We have fewer tornadoes today than we used to. But those tornadoes are hitting in a terrifying new way.

Harold Brooks, atmospheric scientist at NOAA, who you may also remember from his io9 Q&A on tornado season, is the lead author of the study, published today in Science. Starting at around 1980, the total number of tornadoes in a year starts to trend downward — at the same time, however, the days when multiple tornadoes struck started to trend upwards.’