The Dalai Lama Will Not Return to Lead Tibet: He Has Something Better in Mind

The Dalai Lama Will Not Return to Lead Tibet He Has Something Better in Mind - Boing Boing

Via Boing Boing: ‘The Dalai Lama set off a firestorm last month by announcing that he will no longer reincarnate in a political role, effectively ending his centuries-old political lineage.It’s the latest in a series of controversial statements about the future of his role—including a hint that his next incarnation may be born outside of Tibet, and may be a woman. And it’s another indicator of a sea change in how the Tibetan diaspora is adapting and revising its traditions for life outside of occupied Tibet. Though the Dalai Lama’s statement was hastily reported in the media as meaning that he will not reincarnate at all, what he’s saying is much more layered: he’s looking to reincarnate as a spiritual leader only, and transition the Tibetan government-in-exile from needing him as a central authority, and towards a democratically-elected committee.’


Why You Shouldn’t Freak Out About Ebola in NYC

“Why you shouldn’t freak out…” yet?

Via Gizmodo: ‘Earlier today, a 33-year-old doctor named Craig Spencer, who had recently spent time treating Ebola in Guinea, tested positive for the disease in New York City. Hed ridden the A train; hed gotten an Uber; he went bowling. It sounds grim. And theres cause for concern. But its not as bad as you think.

We’ve written extensively about why Ebola fears are almost always overblown; a refresher about how the disease is transmitted is below to help keep todays news in perspective. The short version: it requires direct contact, through bodily fluids, of someone who is already symptomatic. That means that if you were on the same subway, rode in the same Uber, or rolled strikes a few lanes down, you have nothing to worry about.’