The History of the Scary Clown

Via The Atlantic: ‘How, exactly, did clowns go from lovable children’s entertainers to the bewigged, bone-chilling incarnation of evil? The answer is complicated, and spans a period of almost 200 years…’


Behold, Every Horror Movie on TV This October

Via The Atlantic: ‘October is the most wonderful time of the year for horror fans. TV networks pack their schedules with scares, allowing viewers to create their own horror marathon out of hundreds of different combinations. Below, I’ve put together a calendar of all 300+ horror films set to air on cable for the month—and looking at the list, it’s clear how incredibly versatile the definition of “horror” can be.’

The Scary Truth: Horror Films (Alarmingly) Based on True Stories

Via The Atlantic: ‘These ten horror movies are all inspired by real events—unfortunately.’

Why Do Some Brains Enjoy Fear?

Via The Atlantic: ‘The science behind the appeal of haunted houses, freak shows, and physical thrills.’