This Cute Little Guy Desperately Wants To Poison You

‘…It’s one of the few venomous mammals on Earth, and perhaps the only one that injects venom exactly the way a snake does.

The particular solenodon pictured above is a Hispaniolan solenodon, found in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Its cousin, the Cuban solenodon, was thought to be extinct up to about two years ago, when it was rediscovered after some reported sitings an a ten year search. That might be good news for conservationists, who are thrilled that an animal that survived the comet that wiped out the dinosaurs hasn’t been killed off by cats and logging. Other people might not be so pleased.

The solenodon looks like a big shrew, and is in the same order as shrews, though not the same family. Like shrews, it has venom. Unlike shrew venom, which doesn’t kill its prey, solenodon venom can kill small animals within a few hours….’ (io9).