These 5 Foods Will Be Harder to Grow in a Warmer World

‘The reality of climate change has already hit farms, ranches, and orchards around the globe, according to the latest report from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. While some crops will grow better in a warmer world, the report found that the negative impacts—including widespread crop damage, smaller harvests, and higher food costs—far outweigh any upsides.

The report predicts that yields of major food crops like corn, wheat, and rice are likely to start decreasing by 2030 and will continue to decline by up to 2 percent a decade.

No particular crops are likely to disappear any time soon… [but] five bellwether foods… could be especially challenging to grow in a changing climate:’  avocados, almonds, grapes, milk and tree fruits (such as cherries and apples). (

National Geographic)

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