Travel through the Monkey Head Nebula in this new Hubble visualization

‘A belated happy birthday to the Hubble Space Telescope: Our favorite source of wonder and joy was 24 years old on April 24, and the Hubble site celebrated it with this spectacular visualization of the Monkey Head Nebula.

NGC 2174 is “a star-forming region in which bright, newborn stars near the center of the nebula illuminate the surrounding gas with energetic radiation. This radiation, along with strong stellar winds, erodes away the lower density gas. Pockets of higher density gas resist this erosion, and form pillars and peaks along the inner edge of the roughly circular cloud.” ‘  (Sploid).

The ‘Ten Best Sentences’ in literature: do you agree?

Mi escritorio

‘Editors at The American Scholar have published a list of what they believe to be the “Ten Best Sentences” from literature. There are more suggestions sent in from their readers. [And]… [h]ere’s Roy Peter Clark at, on why they’re so great.’ (Boing Boing).

We Need Online Alter Egos Now More Than Ever

‘Insisting that people use their real names online to prevent trolling and ensure civility ignores the fact that using real names online is quite different than using them in person. In the physical world, space and time separate facets of our lives, providing everyday privacy. Even though you use your real name in conversations you have in person with your podiatrist or pastor, those conversations and opinions are not accessible to your co-workers and neighbors. Online, however, … words persist forever, in vast searchable databases. Anything you say or do using your real name is permanently attached to it.’ — Judith Donath, a fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard and is the author of “The Social Machine, Design for Living Online” (WIRED).