An unusual cause for headache following massive alcohol intake

“Massive alcohol intake usually resolves in a banal headache. We report a case of a patient presenting with acute alcohol intoxication in which the ensuing “hangover” was due to a knife blade deeply retained in the brain parenchyma. This case underlines the unpredictability of retained foreign bodies without a high level of suspicion and a detailed description of the circumstances of admission.” (Emergency Medicine Journal via Mind Hacks)

R.I.P. Augusto Boal

Stage Director Who Gave a Voice to Audiences Is Dead at 78: “Augusto Boal, a Brazilian director and drama theorist who created interactive, politically expressive theater forms under the rubric of the Theater of the Oppressed, died last Saturday in Rio de Janeiro. He was 78.” (New York Times obituary)

My wife brought Boal’s pedagogical methods into the mental health world; and my son has taken a workshop with him as well.