3 thoughts on “You all need to stop with the Covid schadenfreude

  1. I love you and your blog, but cordially, nah.

    At this writing, more than 600,000 Americans’ deaths have been attributed to COVID-19, and many — very many — of them would be alive and well, if these obstinate fools had simply worn masks in public. But they won’t, and they won’t get the vaccine.

    I’m not going out of my way to taunt anyone as they die, but I’m also not mourning their passing.


  2. In posting that, I was not saying I agree with it. Just found it to be an interesting development. Schadenfreude is one of my favorite emotions. But I do consider many or most of the anti-vaxxers to be pitiable victims of societal forces beyond their control. It is a big ask for them to gain enough insight to defy that control. Have struggled al my life with to what extent I blame or hate racists or proponents of jingoist xenophobic wars from Vietnam onward. The commitment to consciousness-raising used to be an essential part of fighting for peace and justice. Whatever happened to “winning hearts and minds”?


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