The walls have crumbled for Trump

Erens embed’Political scientist and journalist David Rothkopf says Trump’s days in the White House are numbered. In a blistering Twitter thread, Rothkopf makes the case that any high-quality people Trump had supporting him have either fled or are getting ready to, and now that the House is under control of Democrats, Trump’s inner circle of bottom-of-the-barrel crooks and buffoons won’t be able to protect him from his sordid history of sleazy dealings and self-destructive narcissism.…’

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1 thought on “The walls have crumbled for Trump

  1. grzz40

    Interesting set of new FMH posts today. The one just before this was about calling bullshit on …, well, bullshit. Two before that one was Andrew Sullivan’s thorough article (emphasis mine):

    “So where does this point us? To nowhere good, I’m afraid. The trouble with a normal election cycle in 2018 is that we do not have a normal president in 2018. We have a deranged, fabulist bully. >> For a presidency like Trump’s to generate less opposition after two years than Clinton’s or Obama’s << is a rather chilling sign of how far down the rabbit hole we have already gone. To greet what is an emergency for liberal democracy as a business-as-usual political cycle, is de facto a big win for the whole idea of strongman rule. And on the key issues of a free press and the rule of law, the strongman is winning."

    So, I call bullshit on this one. Knowing full well no-one cares.


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