Buddhists really do know secret of happiness:

“Buddhists who claim their religion holds the secret of happiness may have been proved right by science: brain scans of the devout have found exceptional activity in the lobes that promote serenity and joy.

American research has shown that the brain’s “happiness centre” is constantly alive with electrical signals in experienced Buddhists, offering an explanation for their calm and contented demeanour.

Neuroscientists think the preliminary findings could provide the first proof that religious training can change the way the brain responds to certain environmental triggers.” Times of London


Bush Proposes Universal Time Zone

At the United Nations today President George W. Bush announced a proposal to unify all the world’s time zones into a single Universal Time Zone (UTZ), formerly known as the Eastern Time Zone.

“It’s unfair to the United States that other countries have the advantage of being in tomorrow while the US is stuck in today,” said Bush. “If it’s 9 PM in Washington D.C., it’s already tomorrow in London or Paris. That patently unfair.”

Bush continued, “Right now, Americans are losing jobs to other countries whose workforce can give overnight service during their normal daylight hours. We’ll level the playing field and keep more jobs in the US with the UTZ.” BBspot [via walker]