Grocery Store Time Capsule:

“In 1952, a Roundup grocery store closed their doors because of a death in the family and was never opened until a few months ago… Over 50 years have passed! Everything was left, including all the memorabilia you would find in a 50s store… This will be the most interesting collectable auction you may ever attend…” [via boing boing] One of the amazing things about this is how the store ever ended up sealed for so long. Could family members with a long view have figured that they would make a mint on artifactual value one day? Could this start an investment trend if the auction is a success?

Pearl ‘killed over secrets’:

“France’s leading philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy, says that American journalist Daniel Pearl, who was kidnapped and murdered in Pakistan last year was killed because he knew too much.

In an interview with the BBC, Mr Levy said Mr Pearl had uncovered dangerous secrets about the involvement of Pakistan’s intelligence service with Islamic extremists.”

How does he know? ” Mr Levy, who recently returned from investigating the murder in Pakistan, was French President Jacques Chirac’s special envoy to Afghanistan.” BBC According to the article, Pearl’s captors realized that he recognized how poorly controlled Pakistan’s nuclear armaments were as well.

‘Pathetic Anti-Intellectual Hatchet Job’:

From Rafe Colburn: “I can say with certainty that I will not vote for John Kerry for the Democratic Presidential nomination because of his pathetic, anti-intellectual hatchet job on Howard Dean. He can feel free to argue with Howard Dean, but to have his flack say that Dean is unfit to serve as Commander in Chief for stating the obvious fact that our position of world primacy is not absolute and eternal is cheap, stupid, and insulting to anyone with half a brain. I realize this is politics we’re talking about here, but in my book, playing for the moron sentiment is a guaranteed vote loser.” rc3

Purported Saddam Letter Urges Uprising –

‘To reporters familiar with other documents attributed to Saddam, neither the handwriting nor the signature appeared similar, but Al-Quds Al-Arabi said “sources close to Saddam” confirmed both were genuine.’

Rise up against the occupier and do not trust those who talk about Sunnis or Shiites,” said the letter dated Monday — Saddam’s 66th birthday. “The only issue for your great Iraq now is occupation.

“There is no priority but to drive the infidel, criminal and cowardly occupier out. No hand has extended to him but those of the traitors and stooges.” NY Times

In Defense of Weird Food

Chefs no doubt commit many sins, some even in the kitchen. Yet when I spoke recently to Jehangir Mehta, the pastry chef at Aix on the Upper West Side, I was hard pressed to square his easygoing modest manner with the man whose work has been vilified as sadistic and just plain weird.

His crime? Creating challenging desserts. Against the usual multitude of molten chocolate cakes, crème brûlées and apple tarts, Mr. Mehta travels into parts unknown, offering daring couplings that, if nothing else, unleash the Don Rickles fantasies that lurk inside every critic.

One dessert in particular, licorice panna cotta, inspired particular ridicule. “Somebody described it as tasting like tar, and you need to brush your teeth right away,” Mr. Mehta said. “Others have said it tastes like tobacco. NY Times