Fugitive Texas Democrats Return to House:

Most anti-Republicans are celebrating their boldness in blocking a quorum and defeating the Republican-insinuated redistricting plan NY Times. My question is why they had to resort to the antics. If they had the courage of their convictions, why not stand against the issue as an unmoveable voting bloc in the legislature instead of hiding out? This does make a mockery of representative government, doesn’t it? Oops; I almost forgot — the redistricting plan was already going to make a mockery of representative government if Tom DeLay had had his way…


Blowback Dept.:

40 Killed As Terror Blasts Shake Morocco: “Suicide attackers set off a string of explosions in the heart of Casablanca, killing at least 40 people at a Jewish community center, the Belgian consulate, a Spanish social club and a major hotel.” Yahoo! News I guess if the Bush regime is entitled to call every act of sectarian violence the work of al Qaeda and use it to justify the WoT®, I’m entitled to see each of them as recompense for America’s deadly unilateral arrogance. And what exactly are the ‘hallmarks of al Qaeda?”

No one immediately blamed al-Qaida for the Morocco attacks, but they had many of the group’s hallmarks: multiple, simultaneous strikes; suicide assailants; and lightly defended targets.

“They were terrorists, suicide bombers,” Interior Minister Mustapha Sahel told reporters. “These are the well-known signatures of international terrorists.”