If Liberalism’s Such a Dead Horse, Why Beat It?

“No one in American public life has become so much a pariah, so ready a punching bag, as the liberal. He can trace his lineage to Franklin D. Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln (a Republican, no less) and Thomas Jefferson all he wants. He’s still a libril, and for that reason hounded from elective office, hammered on talk radio and — as if injury needed insult — hung out to dry in best-selling books.

The titles and subtitles of these volumes betray more than an adversarial point of view. They drip with bile.” Washington Post

Also: <a href=”http://www.city-journal.org/html/13_2_up_from_liberalism.html

“>Up from Liberalism: “Living with European socialism turned this Berkeley girl into a conservative.” —

Janet Daley, City Journal

Al-Qaeda planning attack on scale of 9/11:

“An Arabic weekly is reporting an interview with a purported new spokesman for al-Qaeda who claims the terror network has completely reorganized. He says old operatives have been replaced by new ones who are planning an attack against the United States on the scale of Sept. 11.

The claims were based on e-mail interviews conducted this week by the London-based magazine Al Majalla with al-Qaeda spokesman Thabet bin Qais, the magazine reports in an issue to appear Friday.” USA Today