Report: Blair ‘couldn’t stop laughing’ at Times correction.

In one of his few interviews since resigning from the Times on May 1, Blair told the Observer that he “fooled some of the most brilliant people in journalism” with his reporting.

(…)According to excerpts from the Observer, Blair said his deceptions stemmed from personal problems.

“I was either going to kill myself or I was going to kill the journalist persona,” he said. “So Jayson Blair the human being could live, Jayson Blair the journalist had to die.” CNN


Gnostic take on The Matrix Reloaded:

The Corporate Mofo Guide:

Going into The Matrix: Reloaded, I wasn’t worried if the fight scenes or special effects would measure up to the first film—it was the metaphysics that bothered me. The first Matrix was such a neat allegory of Gnostic philosophy, I was more concerned with how the Brothers Wachowski could successfully extend the metaphor into three films than whether they could pull off even more virtuoso examples of cinematic ass-stomping. What was mindblowing about the first movie, after all, wasn’t the fight choreography or bullet time, but its brave assertion that the banal, day-to-day reality we live in isn’t the real world. In that sense, all the wire-fu was just the candy coating on the red pill the filmmakers were offering to every high school student and cubicle slave in the world. (Though, since I study martial arts myself, I found the idea of kung fu as being metaphorical for something happening in hyper-reality, a la Thibault’s mysterious circle, to be pretty darn appealing.)

Thankfully, Reloaded more than allayed my fears, even if it seems that half the reviewers either didn’t understand what the Wachowskis were getting at, or else were only paying attention during the highway chase. Watching the movie, I was personally less impressed by the fists of digital fury than by the Brothers’ evident familiarity with the Dead Sea Scrolls and the theology of Origen of Alexandria. Seen in the light of the books they’re referencing, the movie’s plot is brilliant; of course, to the non-initiate, the characters’ actions and dialogue seems arbitrary and incomprehensible, and the exposition is just filler between car crashes. It would seem, therefore, that a bit of exegesis of The Matrix: Reloaded is warranted. But be warned: If you haven’t seen the movie yet, don’t read on. There are some major spoilers. <span class=”attrib”Corporate Mofo