Privacy Protection Urgencies in the Age of Trump

‘President Obama built the most advanced surveillance system ever and in a few short months the keys to that get handed to President Elect Trump which has some people nervous. It’s a sad fact that the folks who are only freaking out about this prospect now were perfectly OK with it when their guy was in charge, and it’s funny watching the country switch sides on this stuff almost over night.

There are a lot of articles flying around about the best ways to protect your privacy under the coming Trump Administration, but if I can humbly recommend a few simple things:

Install Signal. Use this for messaging. Don’t use Facebook messenger or SMS or anything else. Don’t use this “only for the stuff you don’t want getting out” – use it for everything all the time.

Get a VPN and use it. I like Private Internet Access because I have a recurring subscription, but I’ve also used iPredator which I also like but requires constantly prepaying so I forget and my account expires. Feel free to use both!

Use DuckDuckGo for all online searches, and change the default search engine on your browsers to DDG too. They don’t keep logs of everything you search for.

Get a good password manager and make sure you aren’t using the same passwords anywhere. I like 1password…’

Source: Sean Bonner


What do you think? I’m already onboard with DDG and 1Password. Would switch all my messaging to Signal if the people I talk to would buy in and install it too. I use a different VPN but I admit I do not surf through it all the time.