Fukushima and mental health

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Maggie Koerth-Baker writes on Boing Boing:

“Yesterday, I got to host an eye-opening Q&A with Dan Edge, a PBS FRONTLINE producer who just finished a documentary about what happened at Fukushima during the first few days of the nuclear crisis there.

During that discussion, we touched a bit on the psychological impact all of this—the earthquake, the tsunami, the nuclear meltdowns—has had on the Japanese people. From studies of what’s happened to the people who lived near Chernobyl and Three Mile Island, we know that the fear and stress associated with these kinds of disasters can have complex and long-ranging health effects.

Today, Paul Voosen, a journalist with Greenwire, emailed me a story he wrote last year, during the first month of the Fukushima crisis, that delves into some of the science behind how disasters (and especially nuclear disasters) affect the human psyche. If you’ve already read it, it’s worth reading again.”

Why shrinks diagnose anti-authoritarians with mental illness

Rethink Mental Illness

“Bruce Levine, a clinical psychologist, has written on Mad in America about his colleagues’ propensity for diagnosing anti-authoritarians with mental illness. Levine says diagnoses like oppositional defiant disorder, attention deficit hyperactive disorder and anxiety disorder are applied to people who question authority’s legitimacy by mental health practitioners who are, themselves, unconsciously deferential to authority.” (via Boing Boing)

Was Jesus intersex?

Jesus from the Deesis Mosaic

Theologian Susannah Cornwall of Manchester: “…[T]hose who met and interacted with Jesus seem to have had no doubt that he was a man – but, crucially, this is not the same as certainty that he was biologically male. Most of us will meet people on a regular basis who identify as completely unremarkable men or women, but who also have an interest condition. There will hardly ever be any need for us to know about the specificities of someone else’s chromosomes, gonads, hormone levels or sex cells – but if we did, we might be surprised by the number of people whose physical sex varies in some way from what we consider “normal”.

Some of those who argue that women should not be consecrated as priests or bishops do so because they believe that there is something intrinsic to maleness which makes males able to govern and lead in a way females cannot. Others who oppose women priests and bishops argue that a priest or bishop somehow participates in Jesus’ own priesthood, standing in Jesus’ place, and that since Jesus was male, a female cannot take on this role.

However, I believe that most people who argue in this way never make the distinction between sex and gender which I have outlined above.” (via Boing Boing)

How Not to Apologize

“Rush Limbaugh’s statement on Sandra Fluke was a textbook example of what not to say.” (via Slate).

Also: The Advertisers Sticking By Limbaugh

Advertisers really know their demographics. I would of course never listen to Rush Limbaugh and, with his latest offensive idiocy, was all set to stop patronizng his sponsors. But apparently they don’t want me as a customer either, because none of the advertisers on this list from The Atlantic Wire.have the least bit of appeal to me. The sole exception, and they say they do not really support Limbaugh, is Netflix.