Bush Drops Fake Cowboy Shtick

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‘George Bush bought his “ranch” down in Crawford in 1999 shortly before he started running for president. And now that he’s done with politics, he is moving out of there as soon as he possibly can. The Bushes have bought a new home in a tony neighborhood (and until recently a whites-only community) in Dallas. So, what happened to retiring down to the ranch?

Well, it’s what most of us suspected — all total bullshit. He was never a cowboy. That ranch had nothing on it. No cows, no farming, just a lot of bullshit brush that Bush pretended to clear (for what fucking purpose?). The ranch was always a political gimmick. It was purchased so that Bush could play the role of the Texas cowboy when in fact he has always been the Andover cheerleader.’

Cenk Uygur via HuffPo.

4 thoughts on “Bush Drops Fake Cowboy Shtick

  1. As a Texan (and someone who grew up around ranches), it was clear to me from the beginning that it was only a show ranch. C’mon, he bought it right before he declared his candidacy for president.

    The more interesting part of that HuffPo commentary, though, is the second part: why the hell did the media not point out to us that Bush had only bought this ranch right before he ran for president?


  2. Yeah, that was obvious to anybody familiar with ranches. If the only work you ever do there is to clear brush, it’s not a ranch, it’s a giant live-in terrarium.

    As another Texan, it was clear to me from the minute someone suggested that he run for Governor that the GOP was creating another fake President, just like Reagan, where the C-in-C is a brainless figurehead/stand-up comic and the party’s billionaires call all the shots.

    Not that Obama is all that independent. Remember, it didn’t really start looking like a sure thing for him until after Hillary took him to Bilderberger. I can just imagine the meeting: OK, Barry, we’ve all agreed that there are lots of reasons you would be the right choice at this time, Even Hillary sees it, but there are a few ground rules. 1) Israel calls all the shots when it comes to the Middle East. 2) Wall Street calls all the shots when it comes to the economy. 3) Any health care plan (or other reforms) you come up with must make somebody’s stockholders richer. 4) You can only hire advisers from previous administrations.


  3. Goodbye Kakistocracy. You waterboarded humanity with incompetence for eight long years. Is it any wonder the tearful throngs?


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