Happy Birthday

‘Follow Me Here’ celebrates 11 years of weblogging today.Yes, eleven years. I once was totally cutting edge, I fancied! In any case, many thanks to my loyal readers, new and old.

Why don’t you leave a comment telling me what you found to be the most memorable FmH post of the past year? or the most unmemorable (grin)?

It is also the 11th blogiversary of Kevin Murphy’s Ghost in the Machine, the ‘blog twin’ of FmH. All the best, Kevin! And many happy returns.

9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. I can’t pinpoint a single blog entry. My favorite moment was finding this blog in the first place. At the time, blogs were a dime a dozen and it wasn’t easy to find a fulfilling weblog to read.

    I also quite enjoy the occasional poetry that shows up. They often turn out to be zen moments for me, during work for example. A little oasis in the churn of life.

    I wish you many more blogs. And thanks!


  2. Happy birthday, Follow Me Here.

    Like Miguel, I can’t really pick out a favorite. I’m a fan of just about everything you share, Eliot. You and Jorn (who first pointed me here) will be my favorites on the web as long as you both continue to post.


  3. Similarly, I can’t choose a favourite, but I want to thank you for many years of entertaining and interesting reading, and to wish you many happy returns on your blog-birthday!


  4. Dear Eliot,

    Congratulations and thanks very much for 11 great years. I’ve been a Follower since around 2003, and you are still one of the best blogs I know. It would be an injustice to innumerable great posts to pick out a single “favorite” one, but the most memorable period must be the anxiety all of us had when you stopped posting for a while. Many happy returns, and may I selfishly hope that your posts will grace the airwaves for many more years!


  5. because it was recent, i’m going with your posting of james broughton’s “Having Come This Far”.

    loved it and shared it. read more from and about broughton.

    when i say, ‘because it was recent’, i am of course referring to my lack of long term memory. that’s what archives are for!


  6. Been a fan for a while, I think my most mem was when you blogged about pharma/psychological differences, e.g, $$ vs really helping peeps. I forget the title… Anyway, congrats, glad you’re still out there…


  7. Congratulations and happy undecennial! Many things I love about your blog. The main thing is that it is a refuge, quiet and sane. You are smart, your commenters are smart.
    I love the poems you post. Never a student nor fan of poetry, I have turned around to it. Your selections have done their voodoo on my brain. Now, when a poem crosses my path , I give it a chance and read it to the end.


  8. it’s the overall quality, rather than individual posts, that keeps me coming back to this site, for many years — and i wish you many years more!


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