South African TV Station Declares “George Bush is Dead”

‘South Africa’s ETV News station made a little booboo, prematurely proclaiming “George Bush is dead” in a breaking news flash that aired on TVs throughout the country. Apparently the station uses the phrase a mock-up for headlines and a butterfingered (or sneaky) technician accidently pushed the button that runs the morbid message. A station spokesman said ETV would now test banners using “gobbledegook.” Dubya also responded to the little whoopsie, saying, “South Africa obviously misunderestimated my ability to outlive y’all.” ‘ via Truemors.

The Madness of the Builders

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China Tower, Beijing, burning

“Every easy credit cycle sees some of the worst buildings built in the worst places and the worst possible way. For example, the crowning achievement of the 60’s boom was the decision to build a huge double tower complex in lower Manhattan. Rockerfeller controlled the State of NY and used government funds to build the WTC complex. I watched in total disgust, as this monster thing was built. I could see it had precious little internal support. Rather than being like a honeycomb, it was a pile of pancakes supported by slender steel exterior sheathes. It collapsed. Well, this cycle, even more unstable, ill-designed monstrosities are going up and just as fast, vanishing, the latest one is in China.” via EMSNews

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The building on the left is the one that burned.

China’s CCTV didn’t cover its own tower’s fire

“Even before it was revealed Tuesday that an illegal fireworks display organized by China Central Television caused the spectacular fire that destroyed one of Beijing’s new glass-and-steel landmarks, the state-run broadcaster was already the subject of its own firestorm on the Internet.

The inferno at CCTV’s new, still-unoccupied headquarters complex laid bare a simmering anger and resentment toward the network for spending public money on grand construction projects and for continuing to broadcast government propaganda.” via Seattle Times .