The Madness of the Builders

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China Tower, Beijing, burning

“Every easy credit cycle sees some of the worst buildings built in the worst places and the worst possible way. For example, the crowning achievement of the 60’s boom was the decision to build a huge double tower complex in lower Manhattan. Rockerfeller controlled the State of NY and used government funds to build the WTC complex. I watched in total disgust, as this monster thing was built. I could see it had precious little internal support. Rather than being like a honeycomb, it was a pile of pancakes supported by slender steel exterior sheathes. It collapsed. Well, this cycle, even more unstable, ill-designed monstrosities are going up and just as fast, vanishing, the latest one is in China.” via EMSNews

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The building on the left is the one that burned.

One thought on “The Madness of the Builders

  1. The structure of TVCC is not gone … even the “drape” remains. I was very surprised after watching the video how much of the building is still there. Vanish it did not … now we can debate if it should have.



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