Slouching Toward Baghdad (cont’d):

The Krugman-Kristof NY Times

op-ed page tag-team continues; is anyone listening? Paul Krugman asks us to recognize that the proposed war is a “diversion from the issues of dysfunctional security agencies, a sinking economy, a devastated budget and a tattered relationship with our allies.

Nicholas Kristof warnes us that, “(b)efore we rush into Iraq, we need to think through what we will do the morning after

Saddam is toppled.”

Saddam has ‘active’ plans for weapons use – Blair:

“Iraq is actively trying to acquire a nuclear weapons capability, the Prime Minister has told the House of Commons.”

Ananova: News

Main points of dossier

CNN – World

Envoy: Russian, British Views on Iraq ‘Converging’

Reuters World News

Gore Decries Bush’s Iraq War Push:

“Al Gore harshly criticized President Bush’s push for war against Iraq, saying it has hurt the United States’ standing and could dangerously undermine the rule of law around the world.”

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Democrats Uneasy With Move To War:

“Congressional Democrats uneasy with what they view as a precipitous move toward war are trying to come up with alternatives to President Bush’s request for broad powers to eliminate the threats posed by Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.”

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Hot Buttons: Talk show topics:

“Congressional lawmakers say President George W. Bush’s proposed resolution to force Iraqi disarmament needs fine-tuning, but will likely receive approval once they understand how much power it gives him.”

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