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Tapped, though unsigned, is not, strictly speaking, the editorial voice of the magazine. Tapped frequently takes stances on issues where the magazine has no official stance of its own — and contributors may, from time to time, stray a bit from the magazine’s ideological bearings. Tapped may even, very occassionally, contradict itself. But such is the excitement of life at an intellectually vigorous publication where writers and editors struggle each day to figure out their take on world affairs and then pass those views on to our readers — and the world at large. With Tapped, we are pleased to be able to share our roughest rough draft with you.

Odds Same Despite Senator’s Death:

“If an online wagering forum is to be believed, the events of the past few days have not altered the ranking of expected outcomes for next week’s congressional election.

Speculators on the Iowa Electronic Markets — a real-money election option exchange run by the University of Iowa — continue to see a Democratic Senate majority and a Republican-controlled House of Representatives as the most likely outcome of the Nov. 5 election.” Wired

Urge UN Security Council to Oppose Resolution on Force in Iraq

ActForChange : Act Now: “It is essential that the U.N. be aware of the extent of domestic American opposition to a unilateral U.S. invasion of Iraq. Right now, President Bush is using the Congressional resolution giving him the right to use military force as evidence that he has the support of the American people.

Urge Secretary-General Kofi Annan to use his influence within the U.N. to block a resolution authorizing military force before the U.N. weapons inspectors have had sufficient time to do their job.” Sign and send an email from the site.


Richard Goldstein: What makes the pro-war progressives run? ‘There’s a real temptation to leave the chronic depression and ample masochism of the left behind. The war on terror can seem like an opening to build a muscular new progressivism with its feet on the ground. And speaking of feet, there’s an undeniable satisfaction in kicking a masochist while he’s down. Among the many rewards for sadism these days is the power it confers—and for progressives power is in terribly short supply. Finally, never underestimate the appeal to a critic of being taken seriously, and that means declaring your independence from left-wing “orthodoxies.” Village Voice Related: Via Rebecca Blood, Stand Down!, “the left-right blog opposing a war in Iraq.”