The bunk stops here: “That story that your brother-in-law just sent to you and forty other people sounds true… Put it to the test here. Take a couple key words from the message, paste or type them into one of the boxes below, and press the Enter key…”


“…tells you what BHOs appear on your system, and lets you diagnose and resolve conflicts by temporarily disabling them. BHOs are a special type of add-in for Internet Explorer 4 or higher. Their unusually tight integration with Explorer allows them to be used in a myriad of ways, but also can lead to problems. Poorly written BHOs can cause Explorer to crash. Also, BHOs can conflict with each other, causing problems with Explorer. These problems can be very difficult to diagnose and fix because there’s no way for you to know that a BHO has been installed. Windows doesn’t provide a way to see the BHOs on your system, and some BHOs (for example, adware) operate invisibly and don’t have a user interface. BHO Cop can solve these problems. You can save different configurations for use at different times. Some BHOs perform a self-check each time Windows starts and, if disabled, will re-enable themselves automatically. BHO Cop is smart enough to handle this situation, restoring your most recent configuration each time you start Windows. If a BHO is not installed correctly, BHO will alert you of the problem and allow you to clear the nonfunctioning registry entries from your system.” PCMag

Boys’ convictions in dad’s killing thrown out

A judge granted the motion by the King brothers’ attorney for a new trial because the prosecution had bizarrely argued two contradictory theories of the crime almost simultaneously — trying another man, Ricky Chavis, for the same crime and presenting a different argument. The brothers had at first confessed to the murder but later recanted and implicated Chavis, who was acquitted at his, separate, trial. The verdict in that case was kept sealed until after the conviction of the two boys, who were tried as adults and face sentences of 20-years-to-life. The forewoman of the jury in the brothers’ trial said they were convicted on the assumption that Chavis had actually done the deed but that they were involved in some capacity; jurors were stunned at Chavis’ acquittal. A further unusual twist in this case is that the judge, while granting the motion for a new trial, asks the defense and prosecution to work out a solution by mediation first if possible.

Einhorn case finally comes to a close:

Guilty of murdering girlfriend: “A jury Thursday found former hippie guru Ira Einhorn guilty of murdering his girlfriend 25 years ago and stuffing her mummified corpse in his closet.” Einhorn took the stand in his own defense, unusual for a murder defendant, and “claimed the CIA framed him for his girlfriend’s murder because he had knowledge of a mind-control weapon.” CNN I do quibble with the extent to which the press never fails to identify Einhorn as a former “counterculture leader” or “hippie guru.”

Big Bird

‘A bird the size of a small airplane was recently spotted flying over southwest Alaska, puzzling scientists, the Anchorage Daily News reported this week.

The newspaper quoted residents in the villages of Togiak and Manokotak as saying the creature, like something out of the movie Jurassic Park, had a wingspan of 14 feet — making it the size of a small airplane.’ Reuters/Yahoo! [via Walker]