Out of Body But in the Brain

Brain site responsible for “out-of-body experiences” identified

Swiss scientists think they have pinpointed the area of the brain where so-called “out-of-body experiences” are triggered.

When Dr. Olaf Blanke, from Geneva University Hospital, and colleagues used electrodes to stimulate the brain of a female epilepsy patient during treatment, the woman reported that she felt as though she had left her body and was floating above it.

Dr. Blanke’s group produced the phenomenon by stimulating an area in the right cortex of the angular gyrus. The findings are published in the September 19th issue of Nature.

These findings suggest that “this experience is related to a specific part of the brain,” Dr. Blanke told Reuters. “It seems to be that this area is important for brain processes that could be related to out-of-body experience.”

Scientists believe that about 10% of people brought back from the brink of death experience something similar, but it has been difficult to prove it actually occurs. The phenomenon has also been reported by some migraine, epilepsy and stroke patients. Reuters Health