Ten Reasons

Ten Reasons Why Many Gulf War Veterans Oppose Re-Invading Iraq: “With all the war fever about re-invading Iraq, the press and politicians are ignoring the opinion of the veterans of our last war in the Gulf. But we veterans were there, and we have unique and critical first-hand knowledge of the course and consequences of warfare in Iraq. Our opinions should be solicited and heard before troops deploy for battle, not after they have returned wounded, ill or in body bags.” Anonymous in AlterNet

Commemorating the 1st Anniversary of September 11, 2001

His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s Message:

…Human conflicts do not arise out of the blue. They occur as a result of causes and conditions, many of which are within the protagonists’ control. This is where leadership is important. It is the responsibility of leaders to decide when to act and when to practise restraint. In the case of a conflict it is important to take necessary preventive measures before the situation gets out of hand. Once the causes and conditions that lead to violent clashes have fully ripened and erupted, it is very difficult to control them and restore peace. Violence undoubtedly breeds more violence. If we instinctively retaliate when violence is done to us, what can we expect other than that our opponent to also feel justified retaliating. This is how violence escalates. Preventive measures and restraint must be observed at an earlier stage. Clearly leaders need to be alert, far-sighted and decisive…

Progressive Irrelevance?

Anis Shivani:

“The left thinks of Bush as an idiot. He is, but only in the sense of not being intellectual. He is the smartest fascist to come down the pike in a long while, and has completely outwitted the opposition.

As long as progressives continue to grant the basic premises of the “war on terrorism–that it is a “war” and that we’re fighting “terror” – it will wage a losing struggle. If voices who question the basic reality of events remain isolated–voices like those of the ousted Cynthia McKinney–we are doomed to an era of complete silence. The dictators in Washington are in a great hurry to do away with this country’s freedoms and numb us to a new American militarism. If progressives treat them as political actors who will go along with the normal rules of liberal contest, it’ll continue to be blindsided by the next shocks in the works. ” OutLookIndia [via allaboutgeorge]

A resistance to the disease of thought:

Thank you, Lewis H. Lapham, for these thoughts, and thank you, Mark Woods, for pointing me to them.

On historic day, U.S. turns away from eloquence

Between dawn and dusk on Sept. 11 the mindless coverage of everything and nothing will sit every demographic division of the audience in the warm bath of its own tears, and if the media are themselves the message, then by filling up the dome with enough of the stuff … surely we can go back to sleep. Toronto Star

Success for CO2 Burial:

And now for something completely different — glad tidings and hopeful signs in place of the wash of self-righteous, self-indulgent trivialization and political spin that is the Victims’ Day remembrance.

‘An experiment to store large quantities of carbon dioxide emissions under the floor of the North Sea has been highly successful, according to seismic imaging data.

Over five million tonnes of CO2have been pumped into sandstone under the Sleipner Field since 1996. The greenhouse gas had been separated from extracted natural gas and would normally have been released into the atmosphere…

“This method of carbon dioxide sequestration is probably one of the most powerful techniques we have for the next 50 years for reducing CO2 emissions,” says Chadwick. “We believe it is safe, technically feasible and certainly has very little environmental downside.” ‘ New Scientist