Annals of Erosion (cont’d):

Nicholas Kristof and Paul Krugman in tagteam match against Ashcroft and minions on today’s New York Times op-ed page: “When we look back at how our country has handled the last year, we have much to be hugely proud of — and, perhaps, one thing to be just a bit embarrassed about“, according to Kristof. And for The Long Haul, “the challenge now is to find a way to cope with the threat of terrorism without losing the freedom and prosperity that make America the great nation it is, ” says Krugman. NY Times

Buddha in Every Borough

‘There are Buddhas and Buddhas-to-be all over New York City. That man asleep on the sidewalk is a candidate. Likewise that working mother with the three irrepressible kids on the subway. Even guys in business suits have potential. Why not? It makes sense that a great city of immigrants is also a city of transmigrant souls.

The new art season will offer lots of opportunities for Buddha-spotting with a multi-institutional collaboration called “The Buddhism Project,” designed to explore links between Buddhism and the arts in contemporary American culture. Exhibitions and installations will pop up in all five boroughs; artists, curators and scholars will join monks, nuns and lamas to share work and ideas.’ NY Times

Dirty Laundry, Online for All to See

Skeletons have come out of the closets and are creeping along Cincinnati’s streets. People say that Jim Cissell released them.

Four years ago, Mr. Cissell decided that it was time to move the county’s court records onto the Web. The documents were already public. They were already electronic. Where else to put public electronic documents but on the Internet?” NY Times