Grey Area

Writer Will Self puts head on the block: ‘Novelist Will Self is to lock himself in a one-bedroom flat on the 20th floor of a Liverpool tower block and allow the public to observe him while he writes a short novel…Self’s planned 12,000 word novel is part of a “reality art” project, sponsored by the Liverpool Housing Action Trust, to mark the passing of high-rise housing in the port city… The public will only be able to see the back of Self as he writes, but they will not be allowed to talk to him. As the story develops the author will post pages in an adjoining room to allow visitors to see how the novella is taking shape.’ Reuters

Atomic-Scale Memory:

This has gotten alot of notice in the weblog universe. Scientists Develop Atomic-Scale Memory. Using silicon atoms to represent data 1’s and 0’s has provided data density 10^6 times that of a CD-ROM.

The new memory was constructed on a silicon surface that automatically forms furrows within which rows of silicon atoms are aligned and rest like tennis balls in a gutter. By lifting out single silicon atoms with the tip of a scanning tunneling microscope, the Wisconsin team created gaps that represent the 0s of data storage while atoms left in place represent the 1s. Technology Review


‘s some more detail, with pictures. The problem with this memory? It’s really slow, of course! So far…

Little living car crash sculptures:


Thanks to boing boing for making sure we’d all know about this. CrashBonsai, a site from Boston artist John Rooney, sells smashed model cars with which you can adorn your bonsai trees to make “little living car crash sculptures”

“No passengers have been injured in CrashBonsai accidents, although some drivers have reported a brief, even euphoric loss of consciousness.”