Where is Donald Trump’s campaign money going? To Donald Trump.

‘Donald Trump loves to brag about his wealth. But as he heads into the general election in November, his campaign’s bank account is almost empty (for a presidential candidate) — he has just $1.3 million on hand, nearly 40 times less than presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. And a lot of the money the Trump campaign has spent is going directly back to Donald Trump. In May, according to Federal Election Commission filings, Trump spent about $1 million of his campaign’s funds on products and services from business he owns…’

Source: Vox

How Charming: Exotic Animals—And the People Who Killed Them

‘A woman in a black ball gown stands barefoot on a rock, cradling the head of a zebra. A man in an embroidered jacket hoists a bearded vulture overhead, its taxidermied wings spread as if in flight. A fellow in a sharp suit stands alongside the head and neck of a giraffe that rises like a tree from the dirt. All of these people are standing exactly where they killed the animals whose corpses they so proudly display…’

Source: WIRED