The Nightclub Shooting Just Redefined the Presidential Campaign

‘As the presumptive candidates for president of the United States prepare to begin campaigning in earnest, the deadliest mass shooting in US history is putting them to the test. The elements of this particular crisis—and how they respond to it—will likely be key issues of this election.

So it’s telling, perhaps, that the first public responses from Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton revealed two drastically different approaches to tragedy and crisis. Clinton was holistic, acknowledging that this complex attack involves terrorism, homophobia, and gun access. Trump, meanwhile, homed in on the national security implications—and on himself, accepting congratulations for speaking out about terrorism…’

Source: WIRED

Scientists: Earth Endangered by New Strain of Fact-Resistant Humans

Via 24media thanks to Dennis:

‘Scientists have discovered a powerful new strain of fact-resistant humans who are threatening the ability of Earth to sustain life, a sobering new study reports.

The research, conducted by the University of Minnesota, identifies a virulent strain of humans who are virtually immune to any form of verifiable knowledge, leaving scientists at a loss as to how to combat them.

More worryingly, Logsdon said, “As facts have multiplied, their defenses against those facts have only grown more powerful.” …’

A Psychologist Analyzes Donald Trump’s Personality

Via The Atlantic:

’Mark Singer in the late 1990s when he was working on a profile of Trump for The New Yorker. Singer wondered what went through his mind when he was not playing the public role of Donald Trump. What are you thinking about, Singer asked him, when you are shaving in front of the mirror in the morning? Trump, Singer writes, appeared baffled. Hoping to uncover the man behind the actor’s mask, Singer tried a different tack:

“O.K., I guess I’m asking, do you consider yourself ideal company?”

“You really want to know what I consider ideal company?,” Trump replied. “A total piece of ass.”

I might have phrased Singer’s question this way: Who are you, Mr. Trump, when you are alone? Singer never got an answer, leaving him to conclude that the real-estate mogul who would become a reality-TV star and, after that, a leading candidate for president of the United States had managed to achieve something remarkable: “an existence unmolested by the rumbling of a soul.”’

Update: More on Trump soullessness here (Boing Boing).