Why Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow is probably coming back

George RR Martin said, “If there’s one thing we know in A Song of Ice and Fire it’s that death is not necessarily permanent.” (The mystery of his parentage is not yet solved; he has a destiny to fulfill; and actor Kit Harington’s hair has been observed to still be long.)

Source: Vox

Lionel Schriver: “Our preoccupation with gender identity is a cultural step backwards”

‘By the time I entered university in 1974, a revolution was well under way. As I understood it, “women’s liberation” meant that the frilly cookie-cutter template of femininity had been chucked out. Being female was no longer defined in terms of skirts, high heels, and homemaking. Men and women were equal. Both sexes were just people. We had entered the post-gender world.Fast-forward to 2016: I was wrong.We have entered instead an oppressively gendered world, in which identity is more bound up in one’s sex than ever before…’

Source: Prospect via 3Quarks