Pico Iyer reviews new David Mitchell, ‘Bone Clocks’

Via New York Times: ‘No one, clearly, has ever told Mitchell that the novel is dead. He writes with a furious intensity and slapped-awake vitality, with a delight in language and all the rabbit holes of experience, that no new media could begin to rival. (It’s no coincidence that it was the makers of “The Matrix” who brought his previous epic, “Cloud Atlas,” to the screen, in 2012, with limited success.) Mitchell sees the everyday with the startled freshness of a creature newly arrived from Epsilon Eridani, but amid all the glorious physical description — “The wood sounds like waves, with rooks tumbling about like black socks in a dryer” — there’s always a trace of something metaphysical that lifts the roof off the contemporary novel and suggests there are many more things in heaven and earth than are dreamed of in our philosophies. You may not believe in telepathy, second sight or reincarnation, but if you enter Mitchell’s universe you can’t not believe in them either.’