Sleep More Often to Sleep Less

Polyphasic Sleep Experiment: aka. Uberman sleep

Welcome. This blog was created to keep a running journal/diary of an experiment with alternative sleep methods. In particular, a small group of us are attempting to adjust to the Uberman Sleep Schedule, more technically described as a polyphasic sleep schedule.

The essence of it is a short 3 hour core sleep time in the early morning, and several 20 minute naps (every 4 hours) spaced throughout the day.

Why are we doing this? We’ll one reason is just to see if its possible. Yes, we’re freaks. But curious ones. But the main compelling reason is that we will get extra hours in the day. With a 3 hour core sleep and four 20 minute naps, we are sleeping only 4 hours and 20 minutes a day. On a full blown Uberman Schedule, you only have six 20 minutes naps, which means you are sleeping only 2 hours a day. That equals 6 extra hours a day! Time to catch up on reading, start a new hobby, learn a musical instrument, train for a new career.


Tommy Gunned?

U.S. Rep Hooted Off AIDS Stage: “About 50 AIDS activists shouted, whistled and booed their way though a speech Tuesday by U.S. Secretary of Health Tommy Thompson, who delivered the entire, inaudible address shielded by nearly a dozen Secret Service and other security agents.” Wired