"Lord Buckley

could be described as a jazz monologist and comic known for retelling biblical and classical tales in beat lingo. He had a profound influence on a whole generation of comedians, including Robin Williams, Tommy Smothers, and Jonathan Winters, but he’s not a household name. Oliver Trager’s just-published biography, Dig Infinity!, 12 years in the making, hopes to remedy that…” Listen to a July 1st feature on Lord Buckley from NPR’s Morning Edition, including audio clips from some of his transcendent monologues.

Straighten out…

Lord Buckley’s “The Nazz”

 Now, I look at all you cats and kitties out there 

a whippin' and a wailin' and a jumpin' up and down
and suckin' up all that juice and pattin' each other on the back
and a hippin' each other who the greatest cat in the world is.
Mr. Malenkov,
Mr. Talenkov,
Mr. Eisenhower,
Mr. Whoozerwheezer,
Mr. Whiserwhooser,
Mr. Woodhill,
Mr. Beachhill,
an' Mr. Churchill,
and all them other hills gonna get you straight,
and if they can't get you straight
they know a cat that knows a cat who'll straighten you...


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Diplomacy bites the dust

Why the president stopped listening to Powell:

“In the seemingly endless litany of Middle East violence, it was two suicide bombings in two days last week that fractured Yasser Arafat’s tenuous relations with the Bush administration once and for all.

The president’s rose garden address on Monday not only marked a clear break with the past in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it also reflected a decisive shift in the constellation of forces within the administration itself, which have blown US policy back and forth for the past 18 months.” Guardian UK

Essentially — Colin Powell drags Bush kicking and screaming into the realms of statesmanship, only to find that Bush doesn’t have the taste, the grasp, the aptitude, or the henchmen to sustain the effort at diplomacy. Will Powell be marginalized further in the Administration, or extruded totally?