Annals of the Invasion of Privacy (cont’d.):

Rental car tracking spurs suitagain. Budget Rent-a-Car is apparently tracking its customers in Arizona with GPS, using the data they collect on routes driven and speeds over those routes to impose extra charges without their customers’ foreknowledge. A Connecticut rental agency which created a furor by doing the same thing was ordered by a state consumer protection agency to refund fines it had levied on renters who had been speeding. Arizona Daily Star [via Slashdot]


Don’t tread on me…

Stars, stripes and terror searches on Fourth of July: “…(A)ter an increase in intercepted al-Qaeda communications in recent days, President Bush’s national security advisers considered raising it to orange.

That, in effect, would have cancelled the July 4 festivities by mobilising the Armed Forces and restricting access to public events.

Instead, it has resorted to security measures that are only marginally less draconian; as Americans gear up for a defiant celebration of their founding principles, they are surrounded by reminders of the threat to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…” Times of London