‘Natural’ Artists:

[cosmic; Crumb]

The Crumbs: A Family of Artists: Members of the Crumb family — R. Crumb, his older brother, his daughter, and her mother — will be featured in five exhibits in Manhattan in upcoming months. NY Times

Related: Here’s the Crumb Museum; a Salon portrait from last year, asking whether “the bull-goose legend of underground comix the Brueghel of our time or the purveyor of an arrested juvenile vision?”; the Crumb Products outlet, run by R. Crumb’s son Jesse and offering “original art,

autographed underground comics and books,

limited edition figurines,

prints and posters”; [Stoned Again] the Lambiek Gallery’s Crumb site; the Toonopedia Crumb pages; and (!) a limited-edition Crumb collaboration with Charles Bukowski, The Captain is Out to Lunch

and the Sailors Have Taken Over the Ship:

Any collaboration between Charles Bukowski and R. Crumb is a notable event. Each man is a consummate example of the anti-establishment artist who calls society to task for its foibles and failures. With humor and scathing satire Bukowski and Crumb have exemplified this important tradition.

These unpublished last journals by Bukowski candidly detail the events of his daily life, which R. Crumb has brilliantly illustrated with five full color hand printed serigraphs and six full page black-and-white illustrations.