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Telecom firms back standard phone charger in Europe: “The agreement by Nokia, Sony Ericsson and other industry majors will mean phones compatible with standard charging devices are available in Europe from next year, said the EU executive, which has pushed for such a deal.” (Reuters Technology)

And the reason we cannot do this in the US? Comes down to either greed or stupidity; I can’t see any other possibilities.

The State Of The iPhone Is Strong — Very Strong

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People can downplay the actual number of iPhones in circulation all they want — the fact of the matter is that it has changed things. While there were some third-party mobile app developers before Apple’s App Store, they received almost no attention, and as such, it wasn’t really a viable business. Now, everyone and their mother is flocking to develop for the App Store. And every major mobile player is rushing to make their own app stores. But Apple’s already has over 35,000 apps — and in a few short hours, there will have been one billion apps downloaded in just 9 months.

Think about that for a second: One billion apps downloaded. There are currently 37 million iPhones and iPod touches combined. Certainly, there have been a lot less than that over various stages in the last nine months, but just take that 37 million number. That means that every single one of those devices has had an average of 27 apps downloaded to it. 27 apps — that do everything from games to music to movie times to fetching me a taxi.

I remember the phone I had before the iPhone, fondly: Motorola’s RAZR. It had zero third-party apps, and the most exciting thing it could do was take a grainy picture. That was just two years ago.” — MG Siegler (Techcrunch).


GrandCentral relaunch

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Years ago when I got my own domain, I solved the problem of ever having to change my email address again. A couple of years ago, I was lucky enough to wangle a GrandCentral phone number from Google (“one phone number for all your phones for life”) to secure voice contact in a similar way. Now, as this TechCrunch rave describes, it is out of beta and relaunched as Google Voice, and it is even better. You can text to the GV number; you can individualize the treatment of different groups of callers, e.g. friends vs. business contacts; and there is voicemail transcription. And it is all free. I do want to read more about the privacy concerns, though.


Vote on your favorite ‘BamBerry’ ad

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‘ “I'm still clinging to my Blackberry. They're going to have to pry it out of my hands.”

Obama uttered these now famous words – which might just be the mother all endorsements for Blackberry – in an interview with CNBC and the New York Times Wednesday.

It got us thinking, what a great ad campaign!

So we've gotten leading advertising firms to create hilarious, moving and altogether awesome ad campaigns around Bam's devotion to his Berry.’

via New York Daily News.