No-Brainer Dept.

Telecom firms back standard phone charger in Europe: “The agreement by Nokia, Sony Ericsson and other industry majors will mean phones compatible with standard charging devices are available in Europe from next year, said the EU executive, which has pushed for such a deal.” (Reuters Technology)

And the reason we cannot do this in the US? Comes down to either greed or stupidity; I can’t see any other possibilities.

One thought on “No-Brainer Dept.

  1. The carriers would twist the phone makers’ arms to get the best possible price – selling chargers and cases was the only way for the phone makers to earn money post-sale.

    The only reason this initiative is going through is that after-market accessory makers have gotten so savvy and competitive that the business wasn’t making any money for the phone manufacturers – so now consumers won’t get a charger in the box with new phones.

    What’s wrong with greed, anyway?


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