Real-time satellite imagery on your Mac desktop with Downlink

Downlink’While browsing the GOES Image Viewer a few months ago, I had an idea: with the data frequency that these new GOES satellites provide, I could build a Mac app that pulls the newest image every 20 minutes and sets it as your desktop background.

What resulted was a simple little menu bar app that gives you a near real-time view of Earth all day long. I’ve been using it for a few weeks as I’ve built it, and it is an absolute joy to have a window to Earth all day.…’

Via Main Engine Cut Off (thanks to Jason Snell)

Are these 100 people killing the planet?

Unknown’Just 100 companies produce 71 percent of the world’s greenhouse gases. This map lists their names and locations, and their CEOs. The climate crisis may be too complex for these 100 people to solve, but naming and shaming them is a good start.…’

Via Big Think

Is acting hazardous?

UnknownOn the risks of immersing oneself in a role:

’In 2008, actor Heath Ledger accidentally overdosed on sleeping pills and died, aged 28.
One myth that attached itself to Ledger’s death was that it was somehow a result of immersing himself in the character of the Joker.
New research suggest that fully immersed actors “forget themselves” in the sense that they actively ignore facts about who they are, temporarily subordinating their own thoughts and feelings to those of their character.…’

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