U.N. biodiversity report says 1 million species face extinction

UnknownAnd humans will suffer as a result:

  • The United Nations reported that nature is declining at an unparalleled rate, and humans are the cause. [Washington Post / Darryl Fears](https://voxcom.cmail19.com/t/d-l-pttihdt-puyhiujv-t/)
  • The UN’s biodiversity report outlines a shocking reality: 1 million species are on the verge of extinction, which threatens human survival as well. [[National Geographic / Stephen Leahy](https://voxcom.cmail19.com/t/d-l-pttihdt-puyhiujv-i/)
  • Climate change is the driving force behind this decline. Overfishing, the use of fossil fuels, pollution, and neglect of the growth of invasive species have also been identified as the cause behind the dwindling biodiversity. [NYT / Brad Plumer](https://voxcom.cmail19.com/t/d-l-pttihdt-puyhiujv-d/)
  • While this isn’t the first report to predict Earth’s grim future, this report stands out because it details how humans drastically rely on the well-being of these specimens. The health of our ecosystem is directly tied to food security and access to clean water. [Smithsonian Magazine / Maddie Burakoff](https://voxcom.cmail19.com/t/d-l-pttihdt-puyhiujv-h/)
  • The situation has already gotten so bad that small efforts will not suffice, and governments will need to make transformative changes if they want to save the planet. Some of the solutions suggested by the authors include adopting techniques that grow more food on less land and cracking down on illegal logging and fishing. [AP / Seth Borenstein](https://voxcom.cmail19.com/t/d-l-pttihdt-puyhiujv-k/)
  • Nations have begun to recognize the threat of a failing ecosystem, and two high-level summits have already been scheduled for world leaders to discuss their conservation goals in 2020. [CNN / Isabelle Gerretsen](https://voxcom.cmail19.com/t/d-l-pttihdt-puyhiujv-b/)
  • The UN report sends a dire message to all nations that action needs to be made –– quickly. Changing lifestyles to prevent a climate catastrophe may seem arduous, but the cost of doing nothing will be much higher. [Guardian / Robert Watson](https://voxcom.cmail19.com/t/d-l-pttihdt-puyhiujv-n/)

Frankly, We Do Give a Damn

UnknownStudy: People who swear are more honest:

’There are two conflicting perspectives regarding the relationship between profanity and dishonesty. These two forms of norm-violating behavior share common causes, and are often considered to be positively related. On the other hand, however, profanity is often used to express one’s genuine feelings, and could therefore be negatively related to dishonesty. In three studies, we explored the relationship between profanity and honesty. … We found a consistent positive relationship between profanity and honesty; profanity was associated with less lying and deception at the individual level, and with higher integrity at the society level.…’

Via Stanford Graduate School of Business