The Next Nerd Obsession?

‘A Google search of the phrase “Winter is coming” pulls up more than 4 million results, a great many of which are related to a swelling geekosphere devoted to A Song of Ice and Fire, George R.R. Martin’s bestselling sci-fi fantasy series that is fast becoming this generation’s Lord of the Rings.

The phrase is a signifier of sorts in the books—in which seasons last a very, very long time—but it is also code for a development that has nerd hearts all over the globe palpitating: HBO is adapting the books, beginning with the first one, A Game of Thrones…’ (The Daily Beast)

Found: first ‘skylight’ on the moon

“A deep hole on the moon that could open into a vast underground tunnel has been found for the first time. The discovery strengthens evidence for subsurface, lava-carved channels that could shield future human colonists from space radiation and other hazards.

The moon seems to possess long, winding tunnels called lava tubes that are similar to structures seen on Earth. They are created when the top of a stream of molten rock solidifies and the lava inside drains away, leaving a hollow tube of rock.” New Scientist