Liu Bolin

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Camouflage series by Beijing-based artist Liu Bolin. Covered entirely in paint to blend into their surroundings, each installation can take up to 10 hours of painstaking work…

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Chirac gives away ‘violent’ dog

Sumo, a Maltese terrier, is reported to have bitten him in the stomach in their apartment in the capital, Paris.

Mr Chirac's wife, Bernadette, said the dog had been treated for depression after finding it difficult to come to terms with leaving the Elysee Palace.

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Me by Spike Milligan

Born screaming small into this world-

Living I am.

Occupational therapy twixt birth and death-

What was I before?

What will I be next?

What am I now?

Cruel answer carried in the jesting mind

of a careless God

I will not bend and grovel

When I die. If He says my sins are myriad

I will ask why He made me so imperfect

And he will say 'My chisels were blunt'

I will say 'Then why did you make so

many of me'.

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